The Care and Feeding of Reindeer


Thanks Santa for those two posts this week. I hope you get that beach house. I really do.

Folks one of the many reasons Santa needs to get away every so often is that reindeer, as loveable and as essential as they are, can be a bit of a pain to take care of.

Consider the things Santa has to keep in mind.

Reindeer eat mostly hay and reindeer food which is not readily available at the North Pole. Santa has to drive down into Canada to find the closest feed store.

Reindeer aren’t native to the North Pole. Santa has his favorite eight reindeer, and Rudolph of course, but he often has to go to Finland to recruit alternates just in case one of the others can’t fly on Christmas Eve.

In the off months, the reindeer train in a special facility Santa had built at the North Pole. And ever since that nasty incident with Rudolph the reindeer games have been open to all entrants.

And sure, Santa has a veterinarian on hand along with a certain set of elves to help in caring for the reindeer, and ultimately, he’s the one responsible.

Christmas and being Santa is so much more than toys, folks.


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