Why Does Santa Live at the North Pole?

Not Santa’s actual house.

The simple reason Santa lives at the North Pole? It’s not crowded, there’s room for the reindeer, and people don’t give the elves funny looks.

But the reason we focus on the North Pole as the home of Santa has little to do with tradition. The original St. Nicholas lived in a Roman town in what is now the Country of Turkey.

Santa was first associated with the North Pole by American cartoonist Thomas Nast.

Since Christmas was associated with snow and cold, the North Pole seemed a logical choice.

Nast’s drawings in Harper’s Weekly helped standardize the vision of Santa in his fur trimmed red suit delivering toys from his North Pole workshop.

When Nast proposed the North Pole as Santa’s workshop location in the mid 1800s, no other humans had visited there. That wouldn’t happen until 1909.

Santa’s house wasn’t found, by the way.

Christmas magic.

But, you knew that.


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